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BNW Membership is a new approach by BNW Entertainment Company to present the company's clients and community with incentives and rewards for supporting BNW throughout the year.


In any given year, BNW Entertainment Company hosts and co-sponsors about 23 events in South Florida and the United States alongside creating networking relationships with companies which could not only benefit aspiring performers in their quest for a successful career but also benefit those who simply support and promote BNW's purpose of creating a better community.


As a BNW Member, you would receive the following:


-  20% of any and ALL events in the fiscal year sponsored or co-sponsored by BNW Entertainment Company              around  the United States (Houston, Boston, LA, NY, Atlanta, Chicago, South Florida etc.)

-  Unlimited and Unrestricted VIP BNW Member access to all events. No lines No wait.

-  Access to BNW Member ONLY Events including an End-of-Year banquet with Entertainment industry heads and    administrators.


**As the year continues, other incentives and opportunities are created and finalized to be presented to BNW members and the general public.  Although all events are not exclusive of anyone, certain events and opportunities are reserved exclusively for BNW Members of the present fiscal year.  DONT GET LEFT BEHIND, BECOME A BNW MEMBER NOW!!


+ $1 online surcharge

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